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Thread: The Shareef Show – 26th February 2010

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    The Shareef Show – 26th February 2010

    Umer Shareef with his team in a latest and hilarious episode of The Shareef Show in GEO TV guests include Sangeeta and Fahim Burney.


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    Re: The Shareef Show – 26th February 2010

    Asslam o allakum Umer Bhai!
    Fortunatly I watch your program very first time and really I'm happy.
    No doube, legend and treasure of happiness you are for the Great Pakistan.
    I make plan to watch regular your nice episodes for the next because I feel comfortable for this nice episode.
    May almighty Allah gives you more strength and talent to spread happiness to the Great Pakistan nation.
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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