The United States government has decided to establish a Quick Reaction Force for the protection of its diplomatic missions in Pakistan.

The step has been taken in order to meet the increased terrorist threats to US personnel in Pakistan.

DawnNews has learnt that the US Congress has been requested to allocate US$ 22.9 million for the program.

The Quick Reaction Force will be comprised of specially trained Pakistani personnel, who would be deployed at the US Embassy in Islamabad and its Consulate in Karachi.
As part of the program, US will deploy 25 additional special protective specialists and 4 diplomatic security agents at its missions in Pakistan.

The proposed force will provide the regional security officer, a special agent in charge of security at a US Embassy, the capability of defending the Embassy and Consulate compounds against attacks from terrorists.

In addition to providing a tactical and medical emergency response capability at the compounds, the force could be called upon to provide support to high level visits or security incidents affecting US personnel outside the compounds.

When contacted, Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit expressed his ignorance about the proposed US plan.

Source: (Dawn)