Calorie control is something that you will find everyone complaining about. Everyone who is looking forward to losing the excessive pounds wants to control their calorie intake but do not know how to do it effectively in a way that it does not hamper healthy eating and only provides the required calories.

We donít have enough time to think about the food items that we eat or consider how many calories we are taking it. This leads to intake of unnecessary and unwanted calories which later on leads to weight gain and becomes very hard to lose.

While you do not have to diet in order to lose extra weight and get rid of the unwanted calories, the best solution is to control your intake to restrict the number of calories you take. There are small but effective strategies and means that can be adopt into your daily routine to control the calorie intake for a healthier and active body and mind.

How to control calories in small but effective ways

Eat a balanced breakfast that consists of protein and carbohydrates. It will help you work better and burn calories fast during the day and also stop the unnecessary munching that you do when your stomach is empty. A healthy breakfast puts a stop to intake of unwanted calories during the day.
Stop taking sugar in raw form as it just adds weight to the body. The insulin levels spike and begin to fall when itís time for tea or coffee increasing the urge for sugar. It leaves you lazy and unproductive and you end up with added calories. The best way to get sugar is from natural sources such as fruits as it will convert into positive energy that the body can utilize.

Instead of buying lunch, take it from home. Whether it is a sandwich or a fruit, it is much better than burgers, pizzas, chips, donuts and other packed meals that you buy. Nuts, fruits and vegetable salad are best when it comes to controlling your calories intake and being fit.

Stop taking carbohydrates at night as they carry most calories and when we go to sleep, they just add on to body weight. Eating pasta, rice or a loaf of bread just before going to bed only adds calories. Eat a hearty meal full of proteins and veggies and stop taking carbs and it will control your total calories for the day.
Artificial sweeteners are another big no when it comes to restricting calorie intake. Studies have proved that they cause hunger and lead to weight gain instead of weight control. Stick to original sweeteners or sugars but limit their intake to maintain a balance.

The goal here is not to restrict eating but to eat healthy in order to get the right amount of calories needed by the body to remain fit and work better. Controlling calories in small but effective ways and following the above mentioned strategies will help you eat whatís good and healthy for the body and remain mobile, agile and physically and psychologically fit.