The Foreign Ministry has submitted a list of imprisoned Pakistanis in some nine countries abroad in Supreme Court today.
During the hearing of missing persons’ case, Justice Javed Iqbal asked about the efforts country’s ambassadors have so far made to get the held Pakistanis released. The Foreign Ministry told the court that around 204 Pakistanis are under captivity in Afghanistan, 15 of whom are detained in Bagram base. Justice Javed Iqbal remarked that scores of Pakistanis were detained as they have no money to pay the fine, and added that had the Supreme Court not asked for, these details would not have been come in limelight. He noted that under Vienna Convention every country is bound to inform about the foreign captives to the concerned country. Advocate Hashmat Habib argued in the court that the government is trying to conceal realities from the court regarding Dr Aafia’s case. Justice Javed remarked that under the US law, testimonies could be presented at any stage of the case. Deputy Attorney General Shah Khawar gave plea in this regard that the suggestion to give more details to US came very late.