US Ambassador in Pakistan Anne W. Patterson says that US wanted General Musharraf to have a dignified retirement and have no apologies for that. In an exclusive interview for Dunya TV’s program Dunya Today she revealed US wanted a peaceful transition of power.

“We want for people to look forward and not back and yes that was desirable outcome”. On a question she replied it was entirely Pakistan’s issue to decide about Musharraf. “President Musharraf is in the past. We will take no position on that,” she added. On the question of presence of US marines in Pakistan she said that it had been very difficult issue for US to elucidate to the public but much of all in press was ‘wild exaggeration’ of the issue. “We are going to expand our embassy we need to expand our embassy. One of the reasons we are expanding our embassy is to accommodate our staff,” the ambassador told. Patterson informed that US had eight marines in the embassy and 15 more were to come but Pakistani media was putting the figure at 1,000.

She strongly refuted the Black Water’s presence in Pakistan, saying, “This is just crazy. I mean the Prime Minister of Pakistan has addressed these charges of Black Water that it doesn’t provide any security to any embassy”. She said, “95 percent of our security here is provided by Pakistani companies”. She also rejected the Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen’s claim of obtaining just $970 million from US in one year. She said that US gave $3 billion to Pakistan.