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Thread: Live With Talat - 3rd March 2010

  1. Live With Talat - 3rd March 2010

    Topic: By-election in NA-123.

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    Takat Bhai!
    It's almost truth that zpp (hypocrate zerdari peolpes party), ccp (chor chohudary party gujrat, pmlq) and twp (time watcher party, ji), these all 3 parties are together against pmln because they know that if this time pmln comes in ruling then imposible to remove it.
    Maybe ppp voter will give their votes to Malik Azher because of zpp worst performance since 2 years and another thing zpp neverever think that it could take ppp workers votes for the next, for sure ppp real workers and voters are gonna fadeup to zpp therefore zpp didn't announce candidate in na 55 and 123.
    pmlq (ccp, chor chohudary party) is finished not only in other provinces even in punjab also because the nation understood the reality about this looter party polices therefore ccp also distroyed because of it's looters leaders so they didn't announce in na 55 and 123.
    But here I must have to say, shame on jamat islami because of it's hypocrate palnings only for votes.
    What we say about qazi, munawar hassan, prof ghafoor, prof khursheed, liaqat baloch etc etc?
    Are they also time watcher that they see the situation and make plans for only their victory then where is this party eganda and policy?
    Anyway the victory is only in the fate of pmln but here is biggest responsebility on pmln that does it approve itself same as it takes big mandidate, if it's prove positively it's ok but if the results are nagitive then pmln future is also dark same as zpp.
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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