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Thread: Live With Talat - 11th March 2010

  1. Live With Talat - 11th March 2010

    Muhammad Faiz Tamman, Farooq Faisal Khan, Tariq Chaudhry and Senator Jahangir Badar PPP in fresh episode of Live with Talat in AAJ Tv and discusses currant issue with Talat Hussain.

    [zlink:3f3znlwo]dl035,73587103,Talat_11thmar10%20FK.flv,73587103df 528c99,Live With Talat – 11th March 2010[/zlink:3f3znlwo]


  2. Re: Live With Talat - 11th March 2010

    Dear Talat!
    I'm agree with hypocrite jahangir badar that that the birth of blawal is the result of strugle it means blawal got his birth bitween the strugle of many more..............
    Long Long Live Great Pakistan.


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