The departure of Raja Naqaash Saeed, the father of kidnapped British child Sahil Saeed, to the UK has added a new dimension to the as yet unsolved mystery.

The boy was allegedly kidnapped for ransom by armed men from the house of Mr Naqaash’s parents in Jhelum 10 days ago.

The entry of the robbers in the house coincided with the opening of the door for allowing in a taxi that was ordered by a close relative to take Raja Naqaash Saeed and his son to the Islamabad airport.

Reports in Western media suggested that there was an altercation between Raja Naqaash and his wife Akila Naqaash, who was staying in Oldham, UK.

The reports suggested that they had quarrelled about ‘separation’. However, Raja Naqaash denied such reports.
A senior police officer confirmed to Dawn the departure of Raja Naqaash, saying that he did not even bother to speak about his plan to the investigators.

The officer said that his disappearance from Jhelum before the recovery of the child had handicapped police to some extent. Police had not discounted the kidnap for ransom motive as well.

He said that presence of Mr Naqaash in the country would have proved very helpful.

The departure of Mr Naqaash has also raised eyebrows in the British media. London’s Independent newspaper on its website on Friday headlined the story as “Mystery of the missing father of kidnapped boy”. The Sun, which has given wide coverage to the issue, headlined the story as “Kidnap lad’s missing dad was ‘in on plot’”.

By Dawn