PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif on Friday repeated that he would continue to consider President Zardari as the biggest threat to democracy in Pakistan until he changed his ways, for which he would continue to step up pressure. He told a community meeting here that Asif Zardari was under pressure from all sections of the society and “he was on his knees”. He told the community that the current rulers knew and understood no other language but popular pressure. He rubbished the charge of ‘friendly opposition’, and reminded the audience that the pressure tactics were the best weapon as it had worked miraculously with reference to the restoration of the judges and the repeal of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO). He claimed the PML-N victories in the recently held by-polls were a reflection of the national mood.Nawaz did not name anyone but repeatedly said they were in breach of the law.


He didn’t name Pervez Musharraf, Yousuf Raza Gilani and only spoke in an indirect tone but it was clear that Asif Zardari and Pervez Musharraf were the targets. The former prime minister, who called President Zardari as the biggest threat to democracy a few days ago, was asked by The News if he continued holding the same view about the president. Sharif did not even make an effort to be diplomatic or put his views in mild words. He said he believed Asif Zardari was in breach of the Charter of Democracy and urged him to fulfil all promises made in the Charter.“Otherwise, my views about the president will not change. It’s about time for Asif Zardari to think about everything. We want to move ahead only in light of the CoD,” he said. The News also asked Nawaz Sharif his views about his millions in foreign countries and asked whether he would take the money back to Pakistan, as the country urgently needed every penny that could come in. Sharif retorted: “Were you there when I was thrown out of the country? Were you there to support me? Were you in jail with me? Were you there to support my family and me? Did you support me when I was in jail? Will you return the money that we spent in exile? “The nation has made it clear who holds what sway, who is sincere with Pakistan and who wants to take Pakistan forward and who is there for ulterior motives.” He said there is no space and no scope for making any more mistakes in Pakistan. “We don’t need traditional and retrogressive politics in Pakistan. If someone thinks he is all in all, he should understand there is no space for this. We are popular because the nation trusts us.” “We are building pressure and the government is under pressure. Two years have passed and nothing has been done about the 17th Amendment. It should have been done within a week. It should have been done on February 18.” “It’s the inefficiency of the government and parliament that the 17th Amendment is still there. They should have thrown out the dictator’s constitution. This parliament didn’t assert itself. It showed no respect for the mandate the people gave it,” he said.
By: The News