Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Sunday that Pakistani Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud had died of wounds inflicted in a US drone aircraft attack in January and if this was not true Taliban must bring his video. He was talking to Geo News. Hakimullah was hit within 72 hours after the release of a confessional video of Jordanian doctor Human Khalil Abu-Mulal al Balawi, who killed seven CIA agents in Khost on Dec 30.


The video, which showed Hakimullah sitting with the Jordanian double agent Balawi, was released in the evening of January 9 and Hakimullah was hit in a drone attack in Shakoti on the night between Jan 13 and 14, which simply leads to the conclusion that Hakimullah was under US surveillance. Malik while condemning TTP terrorist activities said they would not be spared from God's wrath. Rehman Malik on Sunday telephoned Senator Abbas Kumaili and clarified that Imamia Students Organization (ISO) was not being banned and reports about it are baseless and an attempt to create misunderstanding between ISO and the government.