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    REQUEST TO ALL SINDHI , BALOCHI AND PAKHTUN to send one DUPATA and ONE set CHURI to shahbaz sharif and PML N because he desrve this help.

    PML N will now appear in women roop but these women will be not compared with those who offered shahbaz her DUPATA in Pukhtunkhawa assembly.

    Plz help PML N


    i think he is better than any other politician currenty in govt and his speach is tempered. check his statement on Daily Times.

    Some circles have twisted my remarks

    Punjab CM says some portions of his speech were reported ‘out of context’ and an attempt was made to attach unrelated meanings to his words

    Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has said that some circles have misreported and twisted his address at the Jamia Naeemia on March 14 (Sunday), an official press release said on Monday.

    According to the statement, the CM said that some portions of his speech were reported “out of context” and an attempt was made to attach unrelated meanings to his words.

    He said that his words had come in response to questions raised by a journalist who said that he had warned the Sharifs last year that they ought to beware after having removed Pervez Musharraf. According to the statement, the journalist had said, “Your policies are against America and you are not taking their dictation. Local and foreign forces have become active against you. You (Shahbaz) and your party have become a hurdle against others and Lahore will witness a bloodbath.”

    In response, the CM said that there was no doubt that extremism and militancy were the result of Musharraf’s policies. He said he had also stated that if the contention that his government was against dominance and dictation of others was true, and if the Taliban were also against it then they would not have attacked Punjab.

    “As far as criticism of the use of the word Punjab is concerned, it is clear that when a question was raised regarding blasts at a particular place, the reply had to be in the same context. The speaker had expressed his views on terrorism in Punjab and bomb blasts in Lahore. Therefore, I also referred to Punjab in my speech, which some people tried to use to their own advantage. It is a matter of record that I have always talked about Pakistan and have stated on numerous occasions that the proud people of NWFP were fighting for the survival of Pakistan,” Shahbaz said.

    The CM said he would like to ask those criticising the Punjab government with regards to terrorism that, “If it were true that the administration of the province was not dealing with militancy with an iron hand, then why were terrorists targeting Punjab and its capital so frequently?”

    Shahbaz said the Pakistan Army was fighting for the survival of the country and it was necessary for all political parties and politicians to rise above factional and parochial interests to root out terrorism. “Similarly, there is a need for closer contacts between intelligence agencies of the provinces and the centre,” he said.



    Essentially, Mr Sharif has argued that his party, the PML-N, shares a common cause with the Taliban —that of opposing Gen Musharraf and his policies and rejecting ‘dictation’ from abroad — and therefore the Taliban should ‘spare’ Punjab. The very thought that any mainstream politician, let alone one as high-profile and powerful as the serving Punjab chief minister, could find anything in common with the Taliban ideology is despicable.

    But Mr Sharif has gone so much further than that. By asking the Taliban to ‘spare’ Punjab, what does the Punjab CM mean? Does he mean that the Taliban should launch their attacks elsewhere, in Sindh, Balochistan, the NWFP, Fata, Pata or other places? And what does the CM mean when he says that his party is fighting foreign ‘dictation’ just like the Taliban are? Does he mean that Pakistan should not fight the threat of militancy? What does Mr Sharif want to do instead — accommodate the Taliban like they were accommodated in Swat last year? Or should ‘peace deals’ be struck with the Taliban like they were in South Waziristan for years? The chief minister’s half-hearted ‘clarification’ issued later will not suffice; he must apologise to Punjab and the nation.

    That Mr Sharif could possibly be ignorant of the threat posed by the Taliban is impossible. As chief minister of Punjab he has sat at the apex of that province’s administration for over a year and a half now. Countless secret and not-so-secret memos will have arrived on his desk detailing the atrocities and crimes committed and planned by the Taliban. The secret interrogation cell that was attacked in Model Town, Lahore, only a few days ago was run by provincial authorities. The Punjab chief minister is mocking the sacrifices made by the very people who serve his administration by finding common cause with the enemy.

    Why is it so difficult for the PML-N to condemn terrorism outright, with no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’? It surely cannot be a question of the reluctance to use violence against ‘fellow Pakistanis’. Like Mr Sharif’s first tenure as chief minister in the late 1990s, Punjab is once again witnessing a spike in ‘encounter’ killings of alleged dacoits, kidnappers and sundry criminals. The men who have been killed in dubious circumstances are also ‘fellow Pakistanis’. But Mr Sharif has no sympathy for these men; in fact, he has on many occasions announced rewards for the policemen for ‘cleaning up’ the province of criminal elements. There has been no talk of an amnesty for such criminals, no appeals to their better sides, no exhortations to recognise that they have much in common with the largest party in Punjab. The ordinary criminals must be wondering what they must do to get on Mr Sharif’s good side. Perhaps a statement against Mr Musharraf will do the trick.

    The PML-N needs to come clean with the people of Pakistan. On which side of the divide does it stand? Is it against militancy in all shapes and forms or is it ideologically sympathetic to the ‘justness’ of some facets of the militants’ cause? This is not about political expediency but about the very worst form of moral corruption. Pakistan’s leaders have a sacred duty to protect the people and the sovereignty of the state. There is absolutely nothing in the Taliban’s agenda that is any way even remotely compatible with that sacred duty. In fact, finding common cause with the Taliban is to take the country one step closer to the abyss. Ordinary Pakistanis have shown remarkable courage in resolutely backing the fight against the militants for a year now. Shahbaz Sharif and the PML-N need to accept who the enemy is. Otherwise, they have no business being involved in the affairs of the state.


    in stead of Punjab should say Taliban to Leave the pakistan as now a days pakistan is under democracy not under dictatorship and if they think they are in power and have majority than they can take part in election to come to parliament. if they are thinking that they can put fear in our hearts by doing these coward attacks than they are wrong.
    we are with our soldiers who are fighting with them and giving their life's to protect Pakistan.



    Allah hamare mumlikat e islamiyan ka sheraza bikherne sy bacha ly ye Nasoor hamare mulk ky dushman jo hamare apne he hain hamari jaroun ko khokhala ker rahe han.. inhien smaugh bojh ata ferma.. in ki rasi ko Ya Allah Lagam dy.... Ameen.


    IMNEW tu bohat naraz han PLM N sy ... mughy tu kisi mai koi hope nazer naia te ky wo kuch country k leye behter sotchhy ga ... Imran Khan ka kehty han.. or now a days wo tu famous han aik new afair mai... so kase trust karien gy app...

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    Imran Khan ho yan koi orr sare he aik jase han jin per pehly trust kia ha wo kia ker rahe han kia ker ky gaye han... so iss ko b aik chance dy dyna chhayeah ... so that is ko b dykh lien ye kia kerta ha..

    Allah Safe Pakistan..



    you can not blame because he is still away from this dirty govt race. we tried a lot and should give him a chance also.



    Hopeless people!

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