In yet another show of persistent defiance to the Supreme Court’s repeated orders to get the Swiss cases reopened, NAB has barred the most efficient of its prosecutors from appearing before the apex court in the relevant case to be heard on Tuesday. The deputy prosecutor general NAB, Raja Aamir Abbas, who was appreciated and praised by the Supreme Court for being the only efficient prosecutor in the Bureau, has been formally asked by NAB bosses not to appear before the Supreme Court in the case involving the Swiss accounts of President Zardari. Raja Aamir Abbas is the same NAB prosecutor, who had dared to write to the Law Ministry to remove Chairman NAB Navid Ahsan and Prosecutor General Danishwar Malik besides seeking implementation of the apex court judgment on the NRO in letter and spirit. He had also asked for permission to write to the Swiss authorities to get the corruption cases, including those against President Asif Ali Zardari, reopened. In a hearing last month, a three-member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, had expressed its complete displeasure over the NAB’s prosecution but said that DPG Raja Aamir Abbas was the only exception. In another case of the Bank of Punjab, the Supreme Court during the hearing of the case had observed that Raja Aamir Abbas should take full charge of the cases. NAB, however, responded negatively and has formally disassociated Raja Aamir from the case in which the Supreme Court had issued repeated directions for the implementation of the NRO judgment.
A three-member bench of the Supreme Court, headed by the chief justice of Pakistan, had given 48 hours to NAB to implement the unimplemented parts of the NRO decision, including writing to the Swiss and other foreign authorities. NAB, which now is directly under the Law Ministry, did not move as directed by the Supreme Court. On March 12, another three-member bench of the Supreme Court, which was headed by Justice Javed Iqbal, again expressed the court’s displeasure over the non-implementation of the NRO judgment and gave another two weeks to write to the Swiss authorities. But now NAB would be going before the Supreme Court without moving an inch from what was the situation on March 12 as far as the reopening of foreign corruption cases are concerned. Now NAB would be represented by one Abid Zubairi, who has been lately hired by the Bureau, to represent NAB in the case of the NRO implementation. Interestingly, the order for the detachment of Raja Aamir Abbas has been issued by Prosecutor General NAB Danishwar Malik with the approval of incumbent acting Chairman NAB Irfan Nadeen. Danishwar Malik is the official, who along with the Chairman NAB Navid Ahsan and the then additional prosecutor general Baseer Qureshi, was to be removed by the government following the Supreme Court’s order issued on December 16, 2009. NAB spokesman Ghazni Khan when approached said there was no mala fide in the replacement of Raja Aamir Abbas and claimed that it was done because of the workload. Although the NAB spokesman did not offer any comment on the question of delay in the reopening of foreign cases, a NAB source said the Bureau would not do anything that does not suit the government. He cited the cases of acquittal of powerful NRO beneficiaries and friendly prosecution to press that NAB cannot deliver as per the directions of the courts unless it is made independent of the government’s control.
By: Geo News