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Thread: Pakistan needs a "Unity Government now"

  1. Exclamation Pakistan needs a "Unity Government now"

    There is no time to relax and to wait and see in front of our eyes that our beloved Pakistan is being broken up in pieces and the inept government of President Asif Ali Zardari is witnessing the events as would be on looker. President Zardari is more interested on visiting foreign countries and distancing himself from the domestic issues and at the same time wasting millions of dollars on these begging trips

    We need a "Unity Government" now, today, and not tomorrow or day after tomorrow; and sacking of the President and his entire cabinet but not the dissolution of the parliament of provincial assemblies. Asif Ali Zardari has abjectly failed to restore political stability and economy of the country and dragging Pakistan in a big hole that he dug when as soon as was elected president by sheep looking politicians. How could they have elected a man with his dubious past and criminal history and what kind of a message they wished to give to the international community that: he is the best dishonest man for the job? It is not a surprise that the people in the West are laughing at Pakistanis and calling us Zardari's beggars.


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    Re: Pakistan needs a "Unity Government now"

    very nice bro keep sharing

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    Yesterday Imran Khan jalsa told us what is unity

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    Re: Pakistan needs a "Unity Government now"

    other parties are still in a state of denial. that all the people are gathered by establishment

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