Yazedi followers second time target ABBAS TOWN, Govt & LEA to fail to control human lifes and helpless to arrest the criminals
I heard news regarding ABBAS TOWN which is Shia majority area in Karachi second time hit but true lovers of Y A Z E D I’s FOLLOWERS, who have no relation with human beings or Islam, worst than P I G s AND dogs. Which source terrorist’s available chemical bomb material with whose invisible support and finance and using against Shia’s and Sunni to proof they are first brain less people ( above the madness ) and exempted from God judgment day, perhaps they have forgotten all things and working for evil hands only to destroy the peace in Pakistan.

More painful to say more than 47 people being killed, 150 injured rush to near hospital for treatment but why LEA not entering the area where the bomb blast in motor cycle and watching as observer or common man, than what remain duty of LEA if they not performing duties and acting like innocent or stranger, did not know what happen who is responsible, than shame on all people who are supporting, providing finance, satisfied with these criminal jobs and when arrest my change than no fear of punishment all involve in killing and destroying the property are true enemies of not for Shia’s but entire Pakistan.

Why VVIP get full protection from LEA as they fear from any possible terror attacks or proof they are to influence and powerful that reasons they can keep too many security but why not our ruler think to provide security to its common citizen, does Shia-e-Ali are not human beings, we are not Israeli citizen that reasons hitting by terrorists group and Govt always remain silence and make worthless statement and making committee to making the foolish the entire people of Pakistan.

What happen today in Abbas Town if such type of incident happen to any of LEA or VVIP families than entire govt machinery will be in action but why treating Shia-e-Ali as second citizen? And protecting and sheltering the real curpliest. It means not only killers or master minder is not responsible for all innocent murders but those who are giving protection or shelter or finance all are consider equal involved in this crime for which all suppose to go to Hell.

REHMAN MALIK your prediction become truth but you have information for terror attack but you are so innocent did not knew where the hide out of terrorists and whose invisible hands involving killing innocents people, destroying the peace and crushing the economy cycle of Pakistan, which policy Govt still remain silence and not a single terrorists after arrest and admit his crime not yet hanged even his life mercy is rejected by Supreme Court than why our Govt awaiting for sending these Yazedi pigs to its BIG BOSS at hell? Might be you have pain or hurt for sending to its real place.

On this sadness incident Jafferia Alliance give a strike call on Monday 4th march 2013 which is supported by MQM.

I Pray to God please do not waste further time to destroy the entire net work of terrorist’s activities but those elements who are involved directly or in-directly send them all in HELL with VVVIP treatment.

Our city Police performance identity which is not hidden from any common

  1. they never come a cross or arrest the real target killers or terrorists
  2. But never miss a single opportunities not to check the innocent people moving on bike/car checking documents ( if any documents short ) than consider they have stolen this bike or car. That reasons they can extract money from innocents?

No doubts all police department are not corrupt/dis-honest but must be a few are honest and sincere that reasons Police Dept is working.

Whose hands involve first to encourage terrorists activities and Govt always act as they did not knew any thing than I must say those who involved in terrorists activities comes from India or Israel and after doing evil activities reaching their motherland by God angles special service?

Why UNO or European Union remain silence on innocent dead of all Shia-e-Ali killed in 2012 in entire Pakistan such level of dogs and cats not die in accident or natural dead in entire WEST. When UNO awake and take notice as we Shia-e-Ali are also human beings as American are?

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )