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Thread: PAINFUL news “Double sawari” again banned in Karachi?

  1. PAINFUL news “Double sawari” again banned in Karachi?

    PAINFUL news “Double sawari” again banned in Karachi?
    I do not understand why Govt authority using DOUBLE SAWARI banned to proof they are sincere and worried about common life’s but when you banning DOUBLE SAWARI than justify how it helped to control the target killing, suicide attack or bomb blast. This type of banned never applied to any country expect PAKISTAN particular applying very frequent basis.

    Only apply for common citizen but those who working with police, ranger or army suppose to be exempted and have right to travel in double sawari, what a unique law?

    The problem with our Govt they did not know who are real culprits or terrorists and apply such type of banned which affect all common in which only middle class and low income group suffered and those who linked with terrorists or criminal activities performing no matter DOUBLE SAWARI banned enforce or not ( no problem with them ).

    By banned double sawari did you think how many people who suffered and force to reach work places, shops by public transport which is totally injustice and torture to own country people? More painful to say our leaders might be some spare time from LUXURY life style to think about the welfare of own people or solving problems which our people are facing.

    Our leaders never travel in public transport that is why they have no idea how difficult one have to face to travel in public transport when banned in DOUBLE SAWARI which means HOUSE FULL in mini buses and buses, people avoiding to travel in taxi or rickaw the reason they are charging more than double but no Govt authority taking serious notice and make sure to charge the accurate fare.

    God knows how long DOUBLE SAWARI banned continue which benefit 2 GROUP

    1. Transporters
    2. City Police

    Any those innocent citizen travel in double sawari than our police people will take immediate notice and exercise full power that time never forget job responsibilities but when time to catch the target killers or criminal than most of time police remain dis-appear from real picture or make a entry at last to proof they are not sleeping but such type of enter in only making formalities noting else.

    I must say if our city police become honest, sincere and loyal to its duties than perhaps most of crimes from city totally dis-appear or control to some extend but their interest of works where they hope to get additional money which portion they pay more attention no matter giving extra hours duty.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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