when Abbas Town affected get compensation & re-building their houses?
I want to asked question from both Federal Govt and Sindh provisional Govt when you think to distribute the compensation check amount as announced among those who dead and injured on account of planned terrorists attack Abbas Town.

During proceedings the Sindh government claimed that those affected by the Abbas Town tragedy had been compensated. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhamamd Chaudhry replied that Geo News anchor Hamid Mir in his program ‘Capital Talk’ had said that compensation had not been paid.

Sorry to say why our Govt delay to give compensation amount but after passing 1 week no one victim got compensation money but Commissioner Karachi Syed Hashim Raza Zaidi has said that the compensation amount announced by the government for the affecters of last Sunday’s ( Mar 3, 13) twin blast at Abbas Town would be provided to them in two to three days. Perhaps playing with the emotions of innocent who remain helpless after lost of family members, property and own home due to powerful blast which is very painful and hurting.

JDC (Jafferia Daistar Cell ) giving ever affected 1 year rent along advance and conveying all affected to search flat near Gulshan or near area. Till affected home re-build the alternative arrangement will be in rental apartment.

When Govt will realized to arrest the real curplust or they have still sympathy with these pig terrorists which totally injustice with the Shia community, perhaps in your Govt you are suppose not answerable but did you think that you or your terrorist can skip from God judgment or punishment, than simply do one thing first when dead angle come to capture your soul than asked him I am not an ordinary person that reason I can’t come with you ( as end of my life ) but I want to remain in this world forever or till my wish.

AS double sawari also banned after Abbas Town incident but more painful to say only these banned common people suffer which does not apply on Police, Rangers and criminal to travel in double or triple ( these people are exempted from law which enforce for common citizen )

Sindh Government had removed IG Sindh Fayyaz Laghari and DIG East Aleem Jafri on the court orders, notifying that their services had been returned to the federal government, remove from service can again re-birth those who dead or recovered those who are injured, why not Govt not serious and think if such think happen to you than what is your condition or situation?
Why not arrest those who are real culprits’, which source these criminal get explosive in huge quantity and carry in car un-checked by police or ranger which is big question mark for their performance.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )