Dunya News has got the marriage certificate (Nikkah Nama) of Shoaib Malik’s first marriage with India’s Ayesha Siddqui on Friday.
According to the documents, the marriage was solemnized at June 3, 2002 by Hafiz Mohammad Khalid s/o Munir, while Mukhtar Ali Khan s/o Abdul Rehman and Syed Ibrar Hussain s/o Syed Mubbashar Ali were named as witnesses in the certificate.
In the certificate a Rs500 was set as Haq Mehar; Ayesha said that her nick name is Maha and that is why her name Maha Siddiqui was written in the certificate.
Ayesha said that she received the marriage certificate through courier besides the Rs500 amount as Haq Mehar. She said that all she wanted from Shoaib is divorce, and if he did not, she would move the court in this regard.