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Thread: UK now on the way to GAY marriage

  1. UK now on the way to GAY marriage

    UK now on the way to GAY marriage
    I want to asked question from Muslim brother and sisters from WEST specially from UK why they promote or encourage GAY marriage, perhaps this is some special thing which ISALM missed at 14th Century back and now realized its importance that is why included in WEST but Islam teaching strongly oppose and hate GAY marriage.

    How the Muslim MP’s voted on GAY marriage

    1. Anas Sarwar from LABOR PARTY CITY – Glassow
    2. Sadiq Khan from LABOR PARTY City - Tooting
    3. Shabana Mahmood from LABOR city – Brimingham
    4. Rushanara Ali from LABOR PARTY city Beth Nau Green
    5. Sajid Javaid Conservative Party city – Bromsgrove

    Islam say homosexuality is forbidden, when it now accepted particular in WEST and they legalize GAY marriage to proof they are modern and not backward.

    Shame on those Muslim brothers and sisters who cast their vote in support of Gay marriage perhaps have no connection or relation with Islam but feel proud to copy west culture and forgotten on culture and tradition.

    If anyone want to enter in Islam than he has to enter whole heartily and can’t enter in Islam partially, or some things like from Islam than he follows and which Islam oppose than do not follow Islam rules which mean you are not following Islam but some other religion which WEST promoting and spreading.

    What will be future of Muslim families settle in UK when GAY marriage have no problem plus protection than if your own real children doing GAY marriage than you will be shameful or become proud one should decide.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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    Re: UK now on the way to GAY marriage

    Allah hadayt dy inee

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