3rd ODI Pakistan VS South Africa at JOHANNESBURG
The 3rd ODI between Pakistan and South Africa which was placed at JOHANNESBURG was exciting FINISH South Africa won match by 34 runs.

The more dis-appointment for Pakistan when HASHIM AMLA drop catch by Mohammed Hafeez at 37 than he made 122 runs ( added valuable 85 runs after drop catch) which is become costly and root causes for Pakistan defeat. It is very important if any catch drop during the match than perhaps change the scenario of entire match.

From Pakistan good batting by Mohammed Hafeez (57), Shahid Afridi (88) and Wahab Riaz ( 45) if Shahid Afraidi stay for another 3 over or till the end of match than perhaps Pakistan will win the match but Bad luck with Pakistan and Shahid Afridi batted so well but even Pakistan lost the 3rd ODI.

At last Pakistan lost match by 34 runs but it give a clear message to all best team that Pakistani team have ability and courage to fight back but in our national team coach should train all players than to avoid drop catches and make more practice in training session for catching so in future such mistake do not repeat for which so heavy cost enter Pakistani team have to bear.

I hope Pakistani team will fight back and Insha’Allah won 2 remain ODI to win the ODI series against South Africa in their homeland. I appreciate Shahid Afridi fireworks he made 88 runs only in 48 balls hit 7 sixes and 5 boundary which is remarkable.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )