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Thread: 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

  1. 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

    1) Upgrade the RAM : The firstthing you can do is to upgrade the RAM. Most the computers are configured to have 1 to 3 GB of RAM. But many the systems can be upgraded to support 4 to 6 GB of RAM. If the shortage of RAM is the reason of the low speed of your computer than by upgrading the RAM you will find a tremendous increase in speed

    2) Uninstall the unused programs:
    The second most important thing is to remove/uninstall the useless and unneeded software.

    3) Run a defragmentation tool:
    Always try to defragment your computer once a twice in a month. This tool will help your computer to fragment all the files all together that are fragmented before in parts. Following are the steps to defragmenting your computer:

    • First right click on the C drive.
    • Go to properties option below and click on the tools button.
    • You will see an option “Defragment now”, Click on it.
    • Choose the drives you want to defragment.
    • Make sure that you should leave your computer ideal when you perform defragmentation process.

    4) Make it a habit of scanning for viruses :
    The fourth most important tip is to have an up-to –date antivirus in your computer. This is important for your computer performance as well as the health of your computer.

    5) Keep your computer clean :

    The last tip to speed up your computer is to keep it clean from inside and try to prevent your computer from any kind of dust, as it also slow the working of many of its components. As, the cases have been seen that the components with dust on them are heated more quickly and are damaged in a short time span. So be sure that you regularly clean your computer.

  2. Nice sharing of information it helps many people in computer.

  3. Nice tips thanks

  4. Re: 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

    very nice tips Excellent post. You can also buy online software from magiclamp pk for your computers.

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    Re: 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

    Nice tips information it helps many people in computer.

  6. Re: 5 Easy Tips to Make Your Computer Run Faster

    i wanna add one more tip and that is "deleting temp file".. These file cause slow speed of computer so after few time try to delete temp files
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