* New Delhi wants to normalise ties with Islamabad
* Weapons supplied to Pakistan can only be used against India

India wants to normalise its relationship with Pakistan, but Islamabad must stop using terror as an instrument of state policy against New Delhi and act against those involved in the Mumbai attacks, the Indian Express quoted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as saying, a day after President Asif Ali Zardari urged for the resumption of composite dialogue.

“We have supplied material and evidence for them to carry out an investigation. Although the tragedy took place in India, the conspiracy took place in Pakistan. Pakistan has admitted to this. We want them to bring to book the culprits involved,” he told a press conference ahead of the Indo-Pak foreign ministers meeting in New York.

Under threat: The Indo-Asian News Service quoted Singh as saying he had gotten an opportunity to speak with US President Barack Obama during the G20 summit, adding he had explained the aid being given to Pakistan to fight terrorism was being used to build military assets that could only be used against India.

Daily Times