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Thread: Rashid Latif speaks out for Shoaib

  1. Rashid Latif speaks out for Shoaib

    Former captain of Pakistani cricket team Rashid Latif has said that Ayesha was not the Indian girl with whom Shoaib Malik used to chat on the internet.
    Latif told the media that Malik used his laptop to chat with his girlfriend on net, however added that the girl was not Ayesha.
    He also vowed to go to any limits to prove that and urged other cricketers to support Shoaib too in this regard.



  2. Re: Rashid Latif speaks out for Shoaib

    Shoaib Marriage: Former Pakistan cricket captain Rashid Latif has gone public with his support for Shoaib Malik in latter’s ongoing marriage row with Ayesha Siddiqui and her family in India.
    Former Pakistani captain has said the girl being shown on TV channels is not the one his teammate fell in love with during their internet and telephone chats.
    Rashid said he had seen the photographs of the girl with whom Shoaib used to chat with on the internet.
    “Shoaib Malik used to borrow my laptop for chatting with a girl and he did show me a few pictures of her. I can assure you that the girl I saw in pictures is not the one on TV these days,” Rashid said.
    Shoaib is set to marry Indian tennis star Sania Mirza next week in Hyderabad.
    Rashid has offered his services and has urged fellow cricketers to come forward and support Shoaib.
    “I can go to any forum including a court of law to reiterate my statement, and I appeal to all cricketers
    to stand by Shoaib Malik on this issue,” he said.
    Ayesha Siddiqui claims Shoaib Malik married her over the phone and later dumped her due to being “over-weight “. Shoaib did not file for a formal divorce, Ayesha said.
    Shoaib, on the other hand, maintains that he never committed himself to Ayesha who he claims is making these claims up. Shoaib has alleged he was sent photographs of a different lady during the relationship that grew over telephone conversations and internet chats.
    Ayesha has filed an FIR in Hyderabad, her home city, against the all-rounder alleging fraud and criminal intimidation which has led to his passport being confiscated. Shoaib is presently staying at Sania’s house.
    It is for the first time that an Indo-Pak sports personalities are involved in a marriage row.

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