Two former ISI officials having close relations with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leadership have gone missing in suspicious circumstances from Kohat. Accompanying them was a free lance journalist Asad Qureshi who was making a documentary on Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Family sources of the missing ISI officials Col (R) Imam and Sq Leader (R) Khalid Khawaja revealed that these officers were on their way back to home after having a meeting with the Taliban leadership in tribal areas when they were allegedly picked up by unknown people. It is yet not clear who kidnapped them.


Col (R) Imam’s real name is Colonel (R) Amir Sultan Tarar. He is said to have trained most of the Afghan-war fame Mujahedeen including Mullah Omar, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Haqqani and several others.
The news was first reported by DawnNews.