: Ahsan Iqbal, Central Spokesman PML-N, said that the Zardari government's 'Trust Mega Deficit' is responsible for the failure of any tangible outcome from the 'Friends of Democratic Pakistan' moot.

'Parking of funds for Pakistan with the World Bank is a clear sign that no country in the world is willing to trust this regime,' he said.

Ahsan Iqbal said that giving funds to the World Bank means that the people of Pakistan will have to pay for additional costs in the shape of expensive World Bank bureaucracy overheads.

He accused the government of facing an acute trust deficit both at home and abroad due to its lack of transparency, poor governance, and cronyism.

'Inside the country, people, opposition, and investors are increasingly getting skeptical about the government's will and competence to deal with the challenges the country faces,' he declared.

'The nations wants to know where are the $ 100 billion dollars which Mr. Zardari promised to bring in the country. It is a shame that the government is making Pakistan look like an international beggar, Iqbal said.