Remember simple ONE rule
I want to spread my knowledge to all human being, it is not my concern they are from Muslim’s believer or Non-Muslim believers a message for all people.

1. never sin washed or skip from God eyes for punishment
2. never good deeds skip or ignored from God eyes for rewards

Even you are who suppose ruler of country or poorest citizen of same country all rules and law apply for all common uniform way. No one is exempted or above the law in the God eyes.

Often observer there is delay in GOD judgment - decision do not count due to DARKNESS. As many country ruler, chief justice do not take action against own people whom appoint for evil activities such as target killing, ransom and suicide bomb attacks.It is not compulsory that one who did sin or good deed immediate basis get punishment or reward but often there is delay from God to test own people.

I want to give silent message to keep away who involved and responsible for bomb blast, suicide attack and target killing which is very common in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq but whose hand involved can’t skip from God punishment and plus their entire network along supporter country will be destroy soon Insha’Allah through God silent punishment stick. The past best example of Shah of Iran and Saddam Hussain of Iraq but most of ruler forget what happen to them or thinking never repeat such type of situation to them.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )