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Thread: Live With Talat – 9th April 2010

  1. Live With Talat – 9th April 2010

    Pakistan’s worsening economy; Its past, present and future. Role of politicians and bureaucrats in rise and fall of the economy. Shaukat Tareen says we have become a nation of rent-seekers. Guests: Jehangir Khan Tareen (PML-Q), Shaukat Tareen (Ex-Finance minister), Nadeem Malik (Anchorman)

    Topic: Economical crisis in Pakistan.


  2. Re: Live With Talat – 9th April 2010

    Like all the three economists in this program said that Economy will rise only when the elite and ruling class will pay tax also nd not just common ppl…it creates an imbalance in whole of a economic structure if only a certain oppressed class pays tax while those sitting in palaces just enjoys our money..

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