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    Brokered by at least three community elders, Shoaib Malik has settled with his former wife Ayesha Siddiqui for Rs 15 crore in exchange for a formal “divorce” from her.

    Shoaib has been denying marriage with Ayesha claiming fraud and deception. He even called her a sister in front of the media.

    Ayesha’s family then filed criminal complaint with the Hyderabad police who signed off on a FIR and initially confiscated Shoaib’s passport which was later returned on intervention from Delhi.

    Shoaib made the confession after Ayesha – the woman he wed seven years ago, handed her wedding night bed clothes to police for forensic testing to prove their marriage had been consummated. He said a divorce settlement had now been agreed.
    In short, Ayesha Siddiqui had to pull a “Monica Lewinsky” gambit to force Shoaib Malik out of his denials.

    Shoaib, after the deal brokered by some community leaders and families, has finally signed the divorce papers, according to reports.

    According to sources quoted by TOI, the deal was finalized for a whopping Rs 15 crore to be paid to Ayesha over a period of time. Thereafter, Ayesha’s family withdrew the police complaint against all-rounderShoaib Malik.

    The report was neither confirmed nor denied by Shoaib and Ayesha’s families.

    Shoaib and Sania are set to marry on April 15 and settle in Dubai. They are on their way to becoming the first Indo-Pak sports couple.

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    Jitni coverage Shoaib sania ko mili ha shyed kisi ko na mil saky dobara .. or imran khan ko b in dono ny peeechy chor dea .. kia bat ha app ki .. lagta ha inho ny khabroun mai rehne ka style badel lea ha ta ky kaheen tu wo nazer ayien abb khyel tu in dono ka baqee nai raha ...


    Allah Safe Pakistan..

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