The Indian-Held Jammu & Kashmir Assembly witnessed chaos yet again over the controversial Inter-District Recruitment Bill, which was finally passed on Friday. The bill, introduced in 2009 by the state government, said in its original form that Inter-district recruitments in government jobs will be banned because candidates from progressive areas who are more qualified are eating into job opportunities of locals in backward regions. The BJP and the Panther's Party opposed it. They demanded 8 per cent reservation for Scheduled Caste people so that they should also be allowed to apply in any district. They argued that Scheduled Caste population is nil in many parts of the state. The bill was modified accordingly and presented again in the Assembly. This made the PDP furious. They felt this caste reservations will eat into job opportunities of Kashmiri Muslims. "On one hand, they are stabbing the Kashmir youth, and on the other they are complaining that militancy is not coming under control in Kashmir," said Muzaffar Beg, a PDP MLA. "Today we are happy that our amendment has been accepted by the government," BJP leader Chaman Lal Gupta said. Finally, it was a closure to the bill that saw several commotions during the current Assembly session. Certainly the issue is not over just yet, it has in fact given much needed ammunition to the political parties to score points over each other.
By: Geo News