Expressing satisfaction over the constitutional package, Pakistan Muslim League-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif has said that his party has played a substantial role and sacrificed a lot to build a consensus in this connection.
“We have contributed to nation’s solidarity and unity following the very spirit of the Charter of Democracy,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Nawa-i-Waqt Group on Friday.
To a query, Nawaz said it was responsibility of the government and political leaders, including Asfandyar Wali Khan, President Asif Zardari, PM Yousuf Raza Gilani and PML-N leaders to address the reservations of Hazara people. “Their feelings should be honoured. The agitation in Hazara is a democratic right of the people and the ANP government should address the issue,” he observed, while mentioning that the PML-N party members from the Hazara district were unhappy over the renaming, and they were emotional about it till the last, but the PML-N had no complaints against them. He was of the view that the premier, president, the ANP leadership and the PML-N also must address the grievances of the Hazaraites so that everyone should be happy about the renaming of the province.
Expressing his pleasure about the passage of 18th Amendment, he said that the PML-N had its huge share of struggle in the 18th amendments, and it dated back to the signing of the Charter of Democracy in 2006. “It is a big relief for the masses that dictators’ amendments have been done away with. Now the CoD will be actualised step by step,” he vowed.
Nawaz Sharif asserted that he had sacrificed his wishes and emotions in the larger interest of the nation in so many matters. He mentioned that either before or after the last legislative polls, the PPP and the ANP had developed a consensus that the both parties would form government in the NWFP, and later change the name of the province. “We were not taken into confidence in this regard despite the fact that the PML-N was PPP’s partner in the government. However, the ANP threatened to withdraw its support for the 18th amendment if the NWFP was not renamed. If we had not agreed, the constitutional package would have been obstructed, and consequently, dictators’ amendments would have stayed,” he maintained.