Mohammad Asif-Veena Malik controversy: Cricketer Mohammad Asif’s former girlfriend actress Veena Malik has filed a lawsuit claiming the fast bowler wrote bad cheques to pay back monies owed to her.

Veena said,”He gave me two cheques amounting to Rs 11.3 million as part of an agreement to clear an amount of nearly Rs 18 million that he owes me.”

“But both cheques bounced and I had no alternate but to send him the legal notice as he is not even taking our calls now,” she added.

Veena demanded her money back from Asif after the cricketer married another girl chosen by his family.

Veena, who was seeing Asif from more than a year, was said to have become upset by the news and claims she was with Asif through his bad days. The cricketer was serving a ban on doping charges slapped on him after his Dubai visit.

Veena said,”He had promised me that once he returned to play for Pakistan he would clear up my money but unfortunately he has not done that,” she said.
“The cheques that bounced were for partial payments of Rs 3.9 and Rs 7.4 million each,” Veena said.

However, the fast bowler accused Veena today of stealing the two cheques which she was claiming to have bounced.

“The cheques she is talking about were stolen from my home in February and I reported their theft to the police and there is a FIR registered with the police,” Asif said.

Asif said he didn`t owe Veena a single penny and that she was taking revenge for his marrying another girl chosen by his family.

“I don`t owe her a single penny. Why should I need to take money from anyone. I am a professional cricketer and I earn well. Even when I was banned I got payments from my IPL team,” said Asif who is presently attending Twenty20 World Cup training camp here.

“I would advise her to also get married as she is getting older now and should be dedicating her life to better things,” he added.

Asif said he was ready to fight the case from a woman “who is jealous of my marriage and trying to discredit and destroy my name”.