Sewerage system of Karachi city after 90 minutes raining exposed?

I want to share that today when raining started since 9 AM and frequent interval raining continue till 10.30 AM only 90 minutes raining which is consider blessing from God but not for Karachi people after that water standing in road creating problem specially for bike riders and not easy for car to move where is rain water standing after rain.

It is true picture of how Clifton Board and KSWB working which is not hidden from any common after the rain stop it become more difficult to reach the office place or after office how to reach home, why not our sewerage department still so backward and always when it is raining it fail to remove the rain water and standing water in road like river water. I saw in post area of Clifton water is standing and creating problem for people. I am sure the rest area in Karachi has more or less the same situation.

The department never forget do not receive the revenue from its customers and than why not providing the due facility which is their rights and department responsibility, due to raining the department totally expose and when it is not raining than overflow gutter water coming which irk the resident where it happening but seldom these department take any notice.

If our Government compare Karachi city with Bombay or Tehran than we are far behind and how their system is organized and providing facility to their citizen but in Karachi most of funds miss-used and due to corruption never we succeeded to overcome the problem of sewerage system. If same type of raining of 90 minutes than no one suppose to be disturb and all their routing work goes as normal no matter it is raining or sunshine.

Now it is beginning of monsoon than if heavy raining during the month of June or July than what happen and how much problem for all those citizen who are facing but never question with the concern department why they still fail to overcome the sewerage system and only claiming or statement non can be achieved unless people of particular area test and public statement is the TRUTH REPLY.

I MUST SAY RAIN IS BLESSING FOR ENTIRE HUMAN BEING expect us Pakistani the reason behind due to sewerage system in which the people suffer, perhaps all people like raining but after that what problem to face that reason we do not like rain too much.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )