Mahmooda Sultana Foundation [MSF]
Dr. Aamir Liaquat Husain's Message

Masses of our country are faced with complex problems in the modern age. The fact that people are being grinded by gigantic problems like poverty, ignorance and lack of basic facilities etc is not hidden from any one. Most of our people are deprived of the basic health facilities. One third of our population does not have clean drinking water. If measured from the other countries in terms of health, education and income, the sad fact crops up that Pakistan ranks at lower position than others. 60 million population of Pakistan out of total 160 million is deprived of clean drinking water. More than 100 million people are illiterate. Thousands of children die due to lack of proper medical facilities. Hundreds of thousands do not have proper food to feed themselves two times a day. Poverty is a great stumbling block and stunts the educational careers of countless promising Pakistani students. Girls of marriageable age cannot get married due to lack of financial resources and dowry etc. There is no public arrangement for looking after widowed, helpless and the poor in society. There is a need to make practical efforts for the welfare of the suffering humanity in these deplorable conditions., Twitter: @aamirliaquat