Double Sawari still banned for common but TARGET KILLING not stop

I must say that our Government authority banned DOUBLE SAWARI to safe guard life of common citizen but regret, dis-appointment only apply banned for DOUBLE SAWARI which affect the middle class and low income group but no control in target killing. Listen news in TV and newspaper arrest made by suspected by L E As but later no NEWS what happen to them later?.

IG Sind Police how many TARGET KILLERS your police department have arrest on account of banned DOUBLE SAWARI and Please stop the killing of innocent people no matter belong to any sect, no one have right or power to killing others but those elements who are working as paid TARGET KILLERS for that I request God surprise EARTH QUAKE shock in which place they stay should be trapped and buried all alive target killers so we can get rid of target killers from entire Pakistan.

But Double Sawari Banned not apply for ordinary Govt servant, LEAs employee have born right to travel in double or triple when DOUBLE SAWARI banned to give silent message that these banned does not apply us, because we are not common citizen.

The banned of Double Sawari only benefit to transporters and Police people but how much you will give further torture and creates problems for common, instead of solving or removing problem Govt authority always thinking how to apply news things in which we get benefit on return nation face problems and difficulities no shame or guilty for them.

Such banned enforce in only alone Pakistan but I am sure such type of banned I never heard any country every apply in East or West to control the target killings than why our Govt paying salaries to police if they are not capable, smart and difficult to difference between innocent and criminal that reasons police reforms is essential but no authority serious in this issue to sack the black sheep in police department that reasons entire department should be blamed.

If target killing not control than why banned apply first, lift the banned so those who suffering and force to travel in public transport can travel as earlier they were travelling.

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )