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Saturday, April 20, 2013
Dr Amir Liaquat’s ‘Alam aur Alim’

KARACHI: Renowned spiritual personality Maulana Bashir Farooq Qadri has said that impact of the evil eye on any person or thing is a reality and this has been proved by several quotations from Hadiths and Ulema.
Maulana Bashir expressed these views the other day during a programme ‘Aik Alam Khawab ka, Tabeer Alim say’ and ‘Masael Aap Kay, Hall Wazaif say’ a serial broadcast of Geo’s most popular programme ‘Alam aur Alim’ hosted by world renowned religious scholar Dr Aamir Liaquat.
He said that the spell of evil eye smashes the destiny of human beings as well as those of animals, in shape of paralysis or death, which could not be ruled out. That’s why our religion does not allow display or ostentation so as to avert the spell of evil eye, he added.
While describing the solution Maulana Bashir said that the spell of evil eye could be stopped by reciting last two verses of Sura Qalam three times and blowing the air (Dam) on affected person or thing.
While answering several questions of the viewers specially how to avert bad impact of supernatural he said that the supernatural would not frighten in dreams if Saru Iklas, Sura Falaq and Sura Naas were recited three-time before sleep.
Maulana Bashir said that by reciting ‘Ya Muqeet’ after offering prayers and blow air (Dam) on naughty children to tame them and reciting (Wird) of Bismillah in order to remove misunderstanding between husband and wife are the best prescriptions.
Earlier in half of the programme Dr Aamir Liaquat threw light on the results of dreams in different conditions in the light of reciting Quran.
Meanwhile, Mufti Abid Mubarak Madni, head of Tanzeemul Masajid Pakistan and
expert of outcome of dreams, said that by dreaming revered and religious leaders in dreams were symbols of salvation from debt and miseries.
He said that one should do ablution and recite Darood Sharif before going to bed to have good dreams.Mufti Mubarak said that seeing a snake in dream is symbol of enmity and its killing of controlling enmity and its biting indicates loss and damage.
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