Majority of traffic signal DORMANT & helpless traffic police
I want to say when Traffic Campaign 2013 in city but lack of many aspects

  1. Majority of traffic signal dormant or seldom works
  2. Traffic Police always dis-appear from duty place where traffic jammed
  3. We all avoid and ignore the traffic rules, specially to wait when RED light
  4. We have right to entered in wrong side, no entry, One way and Footpath
  5. No check and balance system to catch those who underage (below 18 years ) riding bike or car
  6. New spirit in youth to ride bike without silencer
  7. New youth trend to ride bike fast, which is not wise able and dangerous

As our traffic police eager how to make more and more challan no matter by mis-using power only aim how to earn more for themselves and revenue for own department.
I suggest depute foreign from WEST or Far East Countries in the following places

  1. Club Road
  2. Abdullah Haron Road
  3. M. A. Jinnah Road (Bolutan Market to Numaish)
  4. I. I. Chundrigar Road
  5. Saddar, Bohri Bazar

I am 100% sure that all foreign observer will give report that in Pakistan traffic law in books but Majority of Pakistani do not follow the traffic rules, perhaps feel insult or bad when they force to stop on RED light at signal, See mini bus and Rickshaw driver how running fast even seeing the signal is RED it all happen when our people are lack of education, avoid traffic law and living in ignorant world.

Must question from traffic police they often not available on duty places but available on favorite places in which how to catch the innocent to make challan and later extract money otherwise issue challan ( both option available by majority of dis-honest and black sheep traffic officials)

I must say for making challan traffic police knew all traffic rules and laws but no rules REMEMBERED or learned how to control traffic, forced all riders to strictly traffic laws specially to stop when signal is red, when often traffic jammed traffic police dis-appear from duty place and public suffer in worst traffic jammed, waste of precious time and petrol but no one interested to follow the traffic rules in which everyone have to wait maximum 1 to 2 minutes but we prefer to waste time in traffic jammed but feel shy or shame to follow the traffic rules?

Simply see other Asian countries traffic flow than realized how they are civilized and educated as compare to us? When we Pakistani go abroad than do not dare to drive a car or bike unless not get license first, never courage to brake the traffic law specially RED signal THAN why in own country moving worst than animal it is due to we are proof that un-educated, no fear of punishment and totally ignoring the traffic rules why not make proper way educated all people and enforce them to follow the traffic rules.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )