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Thread: Is Pakistan is Only For Elite Class.

  1. Is Pakistan is Only For Elite Class.

    I was shocked to read recently the news (April 9) that the National Bank of Pakistan waived a loan of over Rs38m taken by a fertiliser company.

    On the other hand, I came across a news item (March 29) which reported that a welder, who defaulted on a small bank loan, committed suicide after he could not stand the bank staff’s coercion.

    According to the report, Younas Masih of Chak 401-JB Kujja, who had a welding shop on Shorkot Road, got a loan of Rs13,000 from the local branch of Khushhali Bank and the amount inflated to Rs17,550 after he failed to return the loan in time. The bank staff repeatedly visited his shop for recovery of the loan but he could not arrange the money.

    The bank staff again visited him and took away everything in his shop, including his welding plant.

    However, local people intervened and got Masih’s belongings back from the bank staff and sought time for him to arrange the money.

    The bank staff gave him one hour, but Masih failed to arrange for the money. He went to a friend’s shop and took poison.

    Masih’s body was brought to his village in an ambulance and his widow had no money to pay to the ambulance. Local shopkeepers arranged the money for the purpose.

    My Question .....

    Kia Is Mulak pa Gareebon ka koi haq nahi ha saray ka saray qanoon aur haqooq elite class ka liya hi han.............

  2. Re: Is Pakistan is Only For Elite Class.

    pakistan was made on the name of justice and to accommodate poor muslims who are struggling to get their rights in sub continent but bad luck for them as they are getting the same treatment here.
    but hope for the best. this system will have to end some day.

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