ahore: Pakistan issued visas to the family of Sarbajit Singh a Indian spy who was attacked by his fellow prisoners in jail yesterday.

Sources said, Sarabjitís family will arrive in Pakistan within a day or two. Visa has been issued to his wife, sister and two daughters.

Police said condition of Indian spy, who is being treated at Jinnah hospital Lahore, is critical.

Doctors attending to him at Lahoreís Jinnah Hospital have informed Indian officials that he is on ventilator and is receiving intravenous drip.

Officers of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad visited the ICU of the hospital in Lahore to meet Sarabjit Singh at 2 am local time today.

ďX-rays, MRI, CT scans done on Sarabjit Singh. Doctors carrying out trauma control & await stabilisation in condition before further tests,Ē External Affairs Ministry spokesman Syed Akbaruddin informed via a post on Twitter this morning. He added that Indian officials are in regular contact with the medical board of the hospital.

Mr Singh was reportedly attacked when he was being moved from one cell to another in the Lahore jail. He was initially taken to the hospital within the prison, but after his condition worsened, he was taken in an ambulance to the Jinnah Hospital. He has reportedly suffered head injuries.