Three men in Pakistan suspected of being involved in last month’s kidnapping of British boy Sahil Saeed have been shot dead, police say.

The men were killed by police in “an encounter” in the city of Gujrat in Punjab province, Deputy Inspector General Zulfiqar Cheema told the BBC.

He said that no further details about the deaths were available.

Sahil was kidnapped for 12 days in March. He was released unharmed after a £110,000 ransom was paid by his family.

The five-year-old was on holiday with his father Raja Saeed in Jhelum in the Punjab region when he was snatched on 4 March during a robbery at his grandmother’s home.

Two men have appeared in court in Pakistan on suspicion of carrying out the kidnapping. Three people have also appeared in court in Spain. Two others were arrested in Paris.

Raja Saeed told the media that four armed men ambushed the family as they were getting ready to leave the house to go to the airport.

Mr Saheed said the kidnappers threatened to put an explosive jacket on his son.

He said: “My heart pounded. I pleaded with them, telling them I was not a rich man and had no money. I was completely helpless.”

The kidnappers initially sought a £200,000 ransom but this was negotiated down.