SARGHODA / MANDI BAHAWALDIN (Dunya News) – PTI Chirman Imran Khan Sunday addressed public gatherings in Sarghoda and Mandi Bahawaldin. Addressing the rallies he said PTI had introduced a new culture in the country and would bring real change after coming to power. “If he could not keep his promises made with the nation, he would quit the party leadership”, vowed Imran. “If the PTI comes to power, no influential person would be able to register false cases against the poor in the name of so-called rules and regulations”, said Imran. The political parties, which have made it their routine to rule over the people in the name of so-called democracy, actually have nothing to do with the problems of the people; their only mission is to amass wealth by hook or crook. “PPP and PML-N have no future and their dramas will come to an end on the evening of May 11 when people of Pakistan will be celebrating freedom from traditional politics”, he said. He once against lashed out at Sharif Brothers saying it was responsibility of Punjab CM to produce electricity. He said that PTI would introduce local government system in the country so that power may be transferred to the grassroots revel. He said that days of cruel politicians are numbered and the PTI will exterminate them forever from the political scene. “If the PTI comes to power, it would introduce and promote culture of simplicity in the country”, he said. “Thana and Katchehry culture would be exterminated from the country once for all.” He said that it was a recognized fact that Nawaz Sharif supported President Asif Ali Zardari in looting and plundering the nation. He challenged the PML-N leadership to face him if it has courage to reply his questions. “Punjab government spent billions of rupees on a single project in Lahore and left the rest of the province at the mercy of fate. He urged the youth that they should visit door to door to the people and urge them to support the PTI in forthcoming elections. Imran said PML-N enjoyed 5 terms of government in Punjab and did nothing for the people. “People of Punjab will not give them another term,” Imran said.