The soldiers marched supporting coffins of their comrades wrapped in green and white, with solemn faces they proceeded unaware of the breeze that blew ferociously in salutation to its valiant heroes who were lying peacefully after bestowing their lives for the nation.

Today is Yaum-e-Shuhda (The Martyrs Day) the nation observe the 30th April as Yaum-e-Shuhda every year to commemorate and eulogize the services and sacrifices rendered by the sons of soil for the security, safety and glory of this nation. The nation salutes these sons of soil. The nation salutes the mothers and sisters who appoint their sons and brothers to guard the borders with their lives.

Jo rukay tou koh-e-garan thay hum, jo chalay tou jaan say guzar gaye
Rah-e-yaar ham nay qadam qadam tujhay yaadgaar bana diya