MIANWALI: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan has said that the old traditional politicians’ time has ended and now anew Pakistan will be created, SAMAA reported on Tuesday.

Imran Khan challenged Nawaz Sharif once again for a public debate and criticized President Zardari at a public gathering in his native town and one of electoral constituency, Mianwali.

He repeated criticism on rivals in other rallies at Daud Khel and Kala Bagh, Issa Khel, and Qambar Massani areas on this day.

The PTI chief said in his address at Kala Bagh rally that he was waiting for upcoming May 11 for last 17 years.

Popular folk singer Attaullah Khan Issa Khelvi was also present on stage with Imran Khan during public gathering in Issa Khel.

Imran Khan stressed on people especially youths in his speeches at today’s rallies to avoid relations, families and friendships while stamping ballot papers for change on polling days. SAMAA