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Thread: Energy crisis : Punjab presents 9-point formula

  1. Energy crisis : Punjab presents 9-point formula

    * Shahbaz suggests equitable distribution of power between provinces
    * Rejects two-holidays-a-week proposal

    Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif rejected a proposal for two-holidays-a-week, presenting a nine-point formula for overcoming the power crisis in the country.

    Addressing participants on the first day of the National Energy Crisis Summit (NECS) on Monday, Shahbaz suggested equitable distribution of power between provinces, supply of electricity to industrial and agricultural sectors on a priority basis, complete ban on billboards, immediate initiation of the construction of the Bhasha Dam, production of electricity from coal, use of sugarcane waste (bagasse) for power generation, simplifying the official procedure for electricity generation projects in the private sector, use of canal water for power generation and the launch of a countrywide movement for energy conservation.

    “To overcome the energy crisis, a national movement for energy conservation should be launched and an equitable distribution of electricity should be ensured among the provinces,” Shahbaz said.

    He said the people were facing severe difficulties due to the ongoing power shortage, which was having a negative impact on the country as a whole.

    The Punjab chief minister said two holidays in a week in offices and educational institutions was not a feasible option. He said as far as the proposal for reducing the timings of trade centres was concerned, the decision’s implementation would require complete cooperation of businessmen and traders.

    He said uninterrupted supply of power would have to be ensured to commercial centres during their working hours.

    Shahbaz said the situation in Punjab was grave as it was being treated unjustly regarding the distribution of electricity.

    He said he was happy that load shedding had not led to the closure of industries in Karachi, adding that Punjab should also be treated at par with other provinces.

    Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani called a two-day conference on Friday to discuss ways to resolve the energy crisis and to devise strategies to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

    Addressing the conference, Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah said the government should honour the suggestions of every province to overcome the energy crisis.


  2. Re: Energy crisis : Punjab presents 9-point formula

    nice to see that had complete his home work before the meetings and he raised some valid points which are applicable lets see govt will think about them or not.

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