President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday said he is an elected and democratic president so he did not assume himself powerless as he gained strength from democracy. “I believe in democracy and seek my strength from democracy as I think democratically,” he said in a brief talk with newsmen after the ceremony to accord assent to the 18th Constitutional Amendment. The president said he is a democrat and his strength lies in democracy. “Despite enjoying all the powers, I never thought of using these powers as I am not fond of keeping powers,” he said and added the PPP always shared power.
Meanwhile, in a brief chat with newsmen after the ceremony, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said with the enactment of the 18th Amendment the responsibilities of the federal government and provinces have increased. “So far we have taken all the decisions such as the NFC, the 18th Amendment or Gilgit-Baltistan unanimously and now I have also sought the help of all the four chief ministers for jointly taking the issue of loadshedding. We come from the session of the energy conference and will sit again after the function,” he added. However, when asked about the reduction of the cabinet size, the prime minister replied, “Everything will be done in accordance with the Constitution.” Online adds: The president said gone are the days when state institutions upheld subversion of the Constitution. “A lesson of today is that our parliament is capable of delivering. It is also a lesson of today that we can achieve so much through reconciliation and by setting aside our personal egos,” he said. The doors of dictatorship have been closed forever but risks are still there and incidents like the eruption of volcano cannot be ruled out in future, he said. “Our prime minister could not leave for Paris due to eruption of volcano in Iceland,” he said. The PPP, he said, believes in democracy.Answering a question, he said, he has transmitted all powers to parliament. “I have never misused my authority in the capacity of the country’s head of state and would not do so in future,” he said.
By: The News