President Asif Ali Zardari has asserted that the Pakistan Peoples Party-led government has implemented 80 percent of its manifesto, and claimed the “fronts are being opened against the government”, ARY NEWS reported. “Whenever Pakistan Peoples Party assumes power fronts were opened to destabilize its government. Many fronts were also opened this time against the PPP,” he said, adding that those conspired against the government failed in their attempts due to prayers of the masses. He vowed to defeat all conspiracies with the people’s power. “We rule the hearts of masses instead of governing the palaces,” Zadari told a gathering of industrial workers during his visit to Bahawalpur here Wednesday. He praises the progress of the PPP-led federal government, and said PPP has implemented and delivered 80 percent of what it promised with the people in its manifesto. However, he also admitted the country is badly hit by unemployment, power loadshedding and other crises, and vowed to overcome these with public support. Zardari claimed the passage of Eighteenth Amendment as PPP’s great victory. He severely criticized in his address few sections naming them “the political actors” without elaborating. “Many political actors are active today. They were of the view that I will fortify myself by weakening the Parliament. They failed in their aspirations… The PPP has cleared the mess of Zia-ul-Haq and other dictators. “Everyman coming on the TV considers himself a political actor. I will ask them to go and test their fates in the elections,” he added. The President said that the past dictators earned bad name to the country, while according to him the PPP sanitized the Constitution by repealing their amendments. He also announced to award four bonuses to the industrial workers.
By: ARY News