Two holidays in a week and closure of business and commercial avenues by 8:00 pm and of marriage halls by 11:00 pm and other such measures have been suggested to the government to overcome ongoing energy crisis in the country, ARY NEWS reported.

According to the proposals submitted here Wednesday with the Ministry of Water and Power by the sub-committees constituted in the National Energy conference, immediate disconnection of power supply to neon signs and bill boards has also been sought to avoid prolong power outages in the metropolitan areas of the country.

Four technical sub committees, constituted by the two-day National Energy Summit held on Monday and Tuesday, comprised of Energy Conservation Committee; Capacity Additions Committee; Medium Term & Long Term Policy Measures Committee and a Special Committee to consider miscellaneous energy specific issues.

The four technical sub committees comprised representatives from four provincial governments, federal government’s power and gas sector organizations and private sector representatives from trade, Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
The committees held their meetings on Wednesday and firmed up their conclusions and recommendations that were later submitted with the ministry.

According to the recommendations, the committees have asked the government to announce two public holidays a week and carry out phase-wise weekly holidays for industrial and commercial sectors. Gas loadshedding for one-day a week has also been recommended for CNG sector.

It has also been recommended to keep suspend the power supply to the tube wells used for agricultural needs in consumption peak hours. Immediate power cut to neon sings and billboards has also sought in the metropolises.

In a most controversial move that might trigger protests and bring outcry, the committees in their recommendations have suggested to close down all commercial and business activities by 8:00 pm. It has been suggested that the ceremonies in the marriage halls must be commemorated during the specified time, i.e. 9:00-12:00 pm for Karachi and 8:00-11:00 pm for rest of the country.

The committees have also recommended for on-time construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam and other water reservoirs.

On the issue of circular debt, it has been recommended that the Ministry of Finance with the permission of Prime Minister would issue Rs 116 billion within 15 days to help overcome payment delays between power producers and distributors.

Directions for distribution companies to offer effective services have also been sought in the recommendations. However, consensus on re-launching day-light saving by putting the clocks forward by an hour could not be achieved.