In a telephonic address to his party’s conventions in Lahore, Rawalpindi and Multan today, MQM Chief Altaf Hussain shot out a warning to the feudals in Punjab.

In the largest ever convention of the party in the Punjab province, Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s chief Altaf Hussain said the massive gathering is aimed at freeing the people of Punjab from the clutches of feudalism.

Hussain, addressing the rallies over phone from London, said the country’s debt would be returned by selling those lands held and owned by bank loan defaulters. He said actually “it is our fault who cast vote in favor of defaulters of enormous debts,” asking, “Why do people of Punjab keep voting for plunderers and looters who have been tried before?” He said the people will have to make a pledge not to support thieves.

“No political party has so far organized such mass gatherings simultaneously in main cities of Punjab,” he added.

MQM was denied holding its Punjab convention at Minar-e-Pakistan by the authorities citing security concerns, one of its leader Faisal Subzwari disclosed on a Talk Show on Saturday.

The MQM chief said if people of Punjab support MQM he will eliminate the old culture of brutality, stressing that MQM would rid the country of 62- year shackles of politics of inheritance. He said his party would set the masses free of feudal system.

Simultaneously addressing huge crowds which gathered in the three big cities of Punjab, the MQM Chief said the political slogans, promising the people of Punjab Roti, Kapra aur Makan (food, clothing and shelter) have been raised for the last 62 years, but residents still have nothing.
The MQM chief said his party’s resolve to save Pakistan is stronger than ever. He believed the large crowds that gathered at the conventions are also here to save Pakistan.

He added that this is just the beginning of MQM’s journey into the province of Punjab.

Altah Hussain claimed that in the past, the MQM was not allowed to campaign in the largest province of Pakistan.

Altaf said the creation of new provinces on the basis of administrative units was not sedition, Aaj News reported. The issue of Seraiki region and South Punjab would be resolved, he promised.

He also spoke about the Kashmir issue and said the matter cannot be resolved without taking the Kashmiris themselves into confidence.

Political observers are attaching significant importance to MQM’s foray in Punjab – specially becuase of its middle-class based politics and urban-based management system which are already a success in the southern city of Karachi. But whether the well-entrenched traditional political stalwarts would allow MQM an easy landing is an open question.