Pakistan is flexing its military might near the Indian border in massive war games, this is a clear indication that Pakistan feels secure from its western borders and is comfortable in moving the defence resources towards the eastern border to confront any threat. All branches of the military are taking part in the exercises named Azm-e-Nau, (New Resolve)-3 Fighter jets roared overhead, shots rang out and tanks lumbered through the desert sands in the biggest war games in two decades in the Khairpur Tamewali area of Punjab province, 600 kilometres (about 400 miles) south of Islamabad.
The Pakistan Air Force's F-16s, French Mirages and Chinese-made F-7PGs engaged imaginary targets on the ground with a hail of bombs and missiles.
Up to 50,000 troops will be taking part in the games, which began on April 10 and will end on May 13 just 60 kilometres from the Indian border.