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Thread: Best tournament of T-20 is I P L

  1. Best tournament of T-20 is I P L

    Best tournament of T-20 is I P L
    I want to express my opinion regarding T-20 tournament playing all over the world out of which I like to watch ONLY IPL T-20.

    On Sunday May 26, 2013 exciting final match between CSK VS MI in which MI defeat CSK with little margin of 23 runs and won first time 6th IPL trophy.

    The prices are of big amount only given to those teams who came under 1 to 4 range, and from 5 to 9 teams playing getting no rewards from IPL.

    Prices distributions in Indian Rupees are as follows,
    No.1 team gets 10.00 Crore
    No.2 team gets 7.50 Crore
    No.3 team gets 3.75 Crore
    No.4 team gets 3.75 Crore
    Total award 25.00 Crore

    This is not a small amount but I must say how the general public from entire India support and coming stadium to watch IPL is showing love and affection with own favorite team.

    I must say by players local players in IPL have ability to proof and get opportunity to play from own country side which players ignore or not get change, that reason all the times home cricket team should be re-shuffle for better performance. It is not famous in entire India but where the cricket lovers living must like watch IPL matches in which the capacity is most of time HOUSE FULL.

    Besides other T20 tournament playing in other countries are followings

    a.SPL (Srilanka Premium League)
    b.BPL (Bangladesh Premium League )
    c.PPL (Pakistan Premium League)
    d.KPL (Karbon Premium League in South Africa)

    When heard regarding match fixing by RR which spoil the image of IPL and request to get rid of such players who are in habit of match fixing, when caught with evidence than seeking mercy and excuse, my suggestion banned such players for life time from IPL, domestic and International cricket.
    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

  2. the main problem is the behaviour of ICC. they are silent on this issue. if any paki player involved then they step up immediately and star blaming on pakistan and pakistani cricket.

  3. dhoniiii is besttt

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