Why Nishert Park Garbage Centre not clean?
I want to drawn attention why Garbage Centre of NISHERT PARK not cleaning as garbage centre spread full of dirty and hazard garbage which spread half of street and realize how those people who are residence nearby building or passing through how feel pain and problem. Those who are living near by Garbage Centre not consider they are ANIMAL and no sense or feeling of bad smell?

But the question is what reasons this Garbage dump Centre is not cleaning time to time, observe only remain neat and clean on important occasion otherwise the condition of Garbage Centre is not hidden from any common.

Why not question those who are responsible for cleaning the garbage centre and not cleaning or performing the duty, did the department hire staff on contract basis or call when they required their services.

I request to the Governor of Sindh and KWSB to take immediate note first, clean the garbage centre, keep check and balance system how the department people cleaning the Garbage Centre.

Shame on those sweeper who are on duty or responsible for cleaning the Nishert Park Garbage Centre but not attending or performing duty honest, in this regarding department should take immediate steps against this black sheep and un-sincere staff.

Most of diseases are speared due to Garbage Centre not cleaning as required but eager to keep a deposit like a vault due to these how many people’s suffer but no question asked from the concern department people why cleaning Garbage Centre by own wish or consider as duty who justify?
I suggest the department should make surprise check during a week to determine how the staff cleaning the garbage which should adopt so they will do job in a fear if the higher authority have any complain not cleaning the garbage centre than perhaps our duty will not required any more.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )