In 1991, a political supporter of Benazir Bhutto was gang-raped for hours by Karachi's Central Investigative Agency (CIA) men in her own house. Veena Hayat was a daughter of veteran Muslim Leaguer Sardar Shaukat Hayat who was a companion of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The rape was organised by the then President Ghulam Ishaq Khan's son-in-law Irfanullah Marwat who was in control of the Karachi CIA. The police registered Veena's complaint only when the then Army Chief General Asif Nawaz intervened. President Khan, who was at loggerheads with then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stepped up his moves to remove him fearing he would arrest his son-in-law Marwat. In the subsequent political upheaval in 1993, both Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and President Khan had to go. Nothing was heard of Veena's case any more in the den of this political crisis.

Human rights groups and Non-governmental organizations have expressed concern over the inclusion of Irfanullah Marwat in the Sindh cabinet and have demanded that he be dropped from the government and the pending rape case against him be decided soon.

ďMs Veena Hayat Khan had accused Mr Marwat of the offence. Mr Marwat was then adviser on home affairs in the Jam Sadiq Ali ministry,Ē the NGOs said.

The meeting was of the view that ďsince the gang-rape case is still pending in court against Mr Marwat, hi in the Sindh cabinet shows that the government has no respect for womenís rights and human rights.Ē

ďThe incidents of systematic violence against women will further increase when perpetrators of violence are rewarded with ministries and cabinet posts. Mr Marwatís inclusion in the provincial cabinet is a shameful act.

ďMs Hayat has named Irfan Marwat as the main culprit and perpetrator of the incident who, with other men, entered her house and raped her and later during the investigations and inquiries conducted by a commission it was established that he was involved in the rape of Veena Hayat.

ďMr Marwat had been released on bail, but since the case is still pending, he remains a culprit. He, therefore, should not be appointed to any public office. The case has been pending for more than 11 years.